2 sections, 12 rungs each, metal fittings. Inherited from father in England, so it was made there at least 60 years ago. Always stored indoors, no visible damage. Note: I believe it to be in sound condition, but it is a long ladder and LADDERS CAN BE DANGEROUS, so I accept no liability!
McCulloch chainsaw; it doesn't work but maybe a handy person could fix it
Shed must go. New septic system going in. Can drive over lawn to pick up. Will be empty.
Pachysandra, hostas and day lilies. New septic septic system being installed over beds. Must dig up. Must act ASAP.
4 green, sturdy plastic, flower boxes; these are the ones that sit on the railing of your deck
The kind used for (supervised) play by toddlers. Anyone have an outgrown one? We think our dog would like it! We would rather participate in recycling plastic than buy a new one, if possible.
This is a light weight sofa/love seat that folds out to make a foam bed. The denim has faded and needs some spot cleaning, but the sofa is still very usable (see picture). It is approximately 5 feet wide by 32" high by 34" deep. I would like to freecycle to someone who can commit to an agreed-upon pick-up date and time.
Unopened bottle. This is a product that relaxes cats and can help ease out some problematic behaviors (for example, peeing in the house.) If you need the diffuser I am pretty sure I can find it too. These little bottles are expensive so I am trying to find someone who uses them.
umbrella style clothesline ("solar drier"). doe snot fold up. light, aluminum frame.
It's been stored in my barn, so the sprockets and chain aren't rusty. Tires hold air. I took it on a quick spin; shifters and brakes seem OK.
I have wooden shades in two sizes: 3 shades that are 36" by 68" 3 shades that are 48" by 70", plus 1 shade that is 48" by 70" that needs a new pulley (see picture) Please let me know if you are interested in any or all of these shades.
The Hunt continues July 20th in Holliston! Featuring like new furniture from name brands you love. Stay tuned for pictures and details! #happyhunting Where: Holliston, MA ** the address will be published 7/19 at 9 AM When: Saturday, 7/20, from 9 AM to 3 PM Details: All sales are final with no warranties or guarantees. Cash and cards accepted. We WILL help you load your purchases. Need delivery:...
Alpina 6' with poles and size 9 1/2 boots CCM 6' with poles and size 8 boots. Old but in very good condition.